Are you a disrupter? A change maker? An innovator?

Welcome to the Academy for the world's most innovative women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Here's what you get...

Increase your confidence and aspirations

Gain greater awareness of the strengths and potential of both your company and yourself. Become more confident in your ability to sustainably develop your business.

Improve your skills & knowledge

Gain knowledge in a range of areas including: customer acquisition, idea validation, prototyping, UX design, technology, capital raising, business modelling and more... 

Build your startup network

Connect to people who can help you accelerate your startup. We provide regular events and opportunities for you to network with like-minded startup founders and experts.

Define your business model

Develop a great business model. We have a range of tools and templates that will fast track your decision making for your business. No more 50 page business plans. 

Get pitch ready

Develop your elevator pitch, 10 slide pitch deck and write your first investor email all with the help of our pitch ready masterclass. 

Find a mentor

Join our TRW Sydney Accelerator to  connect with 50+ mentors and experts in startup, software development, product management, UX design, legals and more... 

Get startup ready

Learn the mindset and skills needed to succeed in business. It takes preparation, education and working smart and failing fast. We have startup tips and hacks to save you time and money. 

Be kept accountable

Commit to your education and we'll commit to providing you reminders and check ins to ensure you're getting the most out of what you pay for. 

More than just a community of women empowering women... we mean business when it comes to your personal and professional growth


Academy Access




Complimentary 1.1 mentoring session

Video lessons

Templates, tools, resources

Event discounts

Startup savings





Monthly 1.1 mentoring

Exclusive access to founder & mentor community

Video lessons

Templates, tools, resources

Event discounts

Startup savings



On-Demand Training Portal

Our education portal is accessible to you 24/7, on any device and is home to all of the pre-recorded instructional videos, guest interviews, templates and guides you’ll need to build a startup. Have the flexibility to work at your own pace while still being kept accountable. Here's just a taste at some of the lessons...

Idea Validation

Market Discovery

Get Pitch Ready

Developing Your Product

Coming Soon Investor Ready

Coming Soon Legals, Grants & Funding

UX Design

Business Modelling

Coming Soon Ecommerce Ready

Live Events

Want to be inspired and connected with a community of driven and successful tech entrepreneurs. Come along to an event near you.

Sydney, 09 October

This event is a great chance to meet the alumni, mentors and ask them any questions you may have about the Accelerator.


From Idea To Tech Startup

Thinking of owning your own business? Join us to hear from women who have built a successful tech startup from a non-technical background.


Getting Investor Ready

Enjoy a free community breakfast with our three expert panelists joining us to discuss tips and tactics to seed funding your startup.


Past Event

Connect with an exclusive group of women entrepreneurs and who will lift you up as you build your business and pursue your dreams. 


Receive Discounts for Your Business

Here is just a few of our members only offers thanks to our special partners

"My co-founder and I have been busy getting our user interviews done and attempting the CPS statement and empathy map. This experience alone has been invaluable already so we can just imagine how much more progress we will make completing the 6 modules"

Joesphine Borovac

"The Academy is for anyone who is in need of a framework for developing a startup, that really doesn’t have a solid tech background. There is so much jargon, and so many ways you can get caught out as a new tech founder, and anything that can jump start your chance of success (and minimise the $$ you waste) at the very beginning, is a valuable thing. "

Janelle Bowden

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