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We are a community with hours of content to keep you busy working on your business and we have put together a range of special members only offers to help you bring your business idea to life. All members get the opportunity to pitch at one of our pitch events. We know that by having the knowledge you as a female entrepreneur will have the power to achieve your goals.

Startup savings

All members get the benefits of our partner offers and startup packages. You'll save on legals, hosting, accounting and more

Launch your idea

Whether you're creating a side hustle, upskilling for your career or returning to work, we have the tips, tools and resources to help you launch any idea

Learn how to pitch

Learn how to pitch in a safe and friendly environment, attend at TRW pitch event to get the opportunity to pitch to a room full of investors


We host regular events to help you get connected to mentors, the startup community and other women who are also on the same journey

The #1 Startup Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

We do masterclasses, startup lessons, member dinners, and more!

Here's what to expect when you become a member

  • You’ll get 12 months access to quality content taught by industry leaders in tech and business
  • Heaps of resources and tools 
  • Discounted tickets to TRW events. Save up to 30%!
  • Discounts and freebies with TRW partners such as Github, Amazon Web Services, iKeep bookkeeping, Legal Vision and more!
  • Opportunity to pitch your idea at a TRW pitch event - We hold two major pitch events every year in selected cities

Upcoming & Past Events

Sydney, 09 October


From Idea To Tech Startup


Masterclass To Launch Your Strartup Idea


Getting Investor Ready


You’ll get access to valuable lessons and bite sized topics to help you fill the knowledge gaps, you'll learn how to understand your customers better, design great solutions and products that people want to buy, communicate your vision clearly to a design and development team, and learn how to get pitch ready!

"The Academy is for anyone who is in need of a framework for developing a startup, that really doesn’t have a solid tech background. There is so much jargon, and so many ways you can get caught out as a new tech founder, and anything that can jump start your chance of success (and minimise the $$ you waste) at the very beginning, is a valuable thing. "

Janelle Bowden
Founder, Research 4 Me

"My co-founder and I have been busy getting our user interviews done and attempting the CPS statement and empathy map. This experience alone has been invaluable already so we can just imagine how much more progress we will make completing the 6 modules"

Joesphine Borovac
TRW Member

"The team have been friendly and down to earth, giving you valuable feedback to your idea. Women have such amazing ideas but there’s nowhere really to go bring them to life. Tech Ready Women enables you to do that in an amazingly supportive and caring environment."

Rebecca Richardson
Founder, Chiora

"It is extremely important and valuable because it assists non-tech savvy founders and ensures it limits the possibility for them to waste time and money heading in the wrong direction. "

Liz Gale

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