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Filmed with Lauren Silvers & Lisa Maree, Co-founders of on-demand beauty app Glamazon


What you'll learn in this Masterclass

Raising Capital

You will learn tips from Lauren on: Lessons while raising capital, about the capital raising journey, and staying positive 

How to Get Pitch Ready

You will hear how: Lauren prepared for their investor pitch, got connected with Investors, final tips for pitching

Finding Your Ideal Investors

Lisa Maree will share: The important elements when finding an investor, what the different types of investors are, and when to reach out to investors

Meet the Founders of Glamazon

Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree are the Founders of Glamazon, an on-demand beauty app that allows you to book treatments at home. Lauren and Lisa have now raised over $1 million in seed capital.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you answer yes to any of these questions... or you're just curious about startups. Enrol. Its FREE!

Have you been sitting on a startup idea and are still wondering whether you should give it a go and see if it is worth investing time and money in?

Do you have limited money to waste on starting your first startup and want to be shown the steps to take to securing seed capital for your business?

Are you savvy but lacking in the startup and capital raising skills and knowledge to execute an idea and raise seed capital?

In this masterclass, you will be introduced to the basics of pitching for investment. It will help you to become 'pitch ready' for when you need to raise capital for your business. 

You'll get free resources and tools to help you to:

  • Craft a 2 minute pitch 
  • 10 slide pitch deck template 
  • Tips on how to raise capital
  • Email template on what to include in your initial email to investors

There are 3 x bite sized and easily digestible lessons and 4 x resources and activities to help you fast track the process to raising seed capital.



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