Tech Ready Program Graduates On Sunrise Channel 7- Blaise & Jenelle

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Tech Ready Women on Sunrise!

Two of the Tech Ready Program Graduates were featured today on Sunrise Channel 7. These women have been working tirelessly over the last 6 weeks since they graduated to get their MVP off the ground. We’re so proud of their achievements, and their hard work is paying off. Well done ladies!

In case you missed the interview you can watch it here.

Meet Blaise, the Founder of Hear Us Roar

Hear Us Roar is an online destination for curvy women, curating the best fashion from around the globe. This idea sprouted from Blaise’s frustration with the current clothing available in the market to curvy women.

Blaise is a plus-size model and during one of her shows, she found herself standing amongst the other models who all had on gorgeous and fashionable clothing, while she was wearing the only item they had for curvy women, a Muumuu.

That was the day Blaise decided she wasn’t going to stand for it anymore and “Hear Us Roar,”  was born. Blaise just launched her website earlier this month and has already started making sales.

To learn more about Blaise and Hear Us Roar click here.

“My number one thing is support, from those in the cohort, the mentors, Christie and the entire program. It was also very important for me to be able to tap into the knowledge of all the mentors. If I had a question(s), I knew I would have a place to go ask them, and not feel alone. The program helped me to clearly define my goals, find major holes in what I was doing, pulled them apart and put them back together. The Tech Ready Program is important for women who want to validate and develop their idea, who don’t know where to start, need structure around their business, they should reach out to Tech Ready.” Blaise McCann

Meet Janelle, the Founder of Research 4 Me

Research4Me was founded as a social enterprise in 2017 to solve the wicked problem that 80% of clinical trials struggle to complete due to poor participation.

Janelle’s aim is to help make it easy for the public to learn about, find and get involved in trials, as advocates, participants, and research partners, to help drive clinical trial success, improving and saving lives along the way.

Launched after being personally impacted by a clinical trial, Janelle believes that together, we can make clinical trials better and faster, and make a difference to lives in the future.

We are re-imagining how the community engages with clinical trials.

If you want to learn more about Janelle and Research4Me you can contact her here.

“I had been working on the Research4Me idea for about 6-12 months but was feeling a little directionless, alone, under-equipped to managed a tech start-up and to be honest daunted by the start-up ecosystem culture that has evolved since the first time I tried to start a business 10 years ago. The Tech Ready Program came across my radar just 2 weeks before it started and seemed to fill in all the gaps I felt was missing – understanding how to go about a tech startup, providing tools and mentorship for getting started, and a safe place to ask questions. It proved to be all those things and more.” – Janelle Bowden  

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