Meet Our Members Megan Thomson

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Meet Our Members Megan Thomson

Having spent her working life traveling the world as a consultant, Megan always wanted to explore new neighborhoods, however, with no contacts, it was hard to find people to connect with. Realising she was not alone she conducted some research and discovered 62% of people in Sydney feel lonely.

Megan developed the idea for a dating app with a twist, unlike most apps Thrive starts by presenting the user with activities occurring in their area and then matches the user with people who would also like to attend.

We took a moment to ask Megan some questions:

Why did join the Tech Ready Program?

Coming from a corporate background, with experience in operations I was familiar with the workings of a business but realised I was too close to the idea and needed the impartial feedback from established mentors.

"With Tech Ready you are handheld during every step of the process, ensuring you have great validation, competitor analysis and a minimum viable product.

Something that would take you ages to learn on your own you fast track in this program."

Why is it important for non-tech founders to educate themselves on tech?

The world is changing and continues to change so fast. In the Tech Ready Program, you are surrounded by people who are leading this change, who are building tech startups. It’s important to make sure you’re up to date with technology to ensure you are equipped with the skills to adapt to the new world.  

What have been the highlights of the Tech Ready Program?

The highlights have been so much more than I imagined. I don’t have kids but it’s what I imagine a mother’s group is like. You form these bonds through starting a business. The other highlight is meeting the Tech Ready team who do all they can to help you and create a great culture of collaboration. The mentors have walked the path before so you can learn such valuable information from them.

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