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Tech Ready Startup Stories: Meet the Female Harvard Graduate Who Succeeded in Tech Startups

Not many startups get acquired before they even launch, however that is exactly what happened in Natasha’s story. Natasha now heads up the Australia region for ClassPass, after they acquired her business FitSessions, in 2015.

In this interview, Natasha Prasad talks to Christie Whitehill about how she came up with the idea for a health and fitness app after finding the process of managing multiple fitness classes very inefficient and disjointed.

Natasha’s journey started with investment banking. She studied Economics at Cambridge University, attended Harvard Business School, worked at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, then moved to Australia to join Atlassian.

She also talks about how her early experiences as a product manager, helped her learn the key skills to building a tech startup and why the Tech Ready Program is needed to give women the confidence with starting a tech startup.

This is one super inspiring lady!

We’re grateful to have her as a mentor on the Tech Ready Program.

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