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Tech Ready Startup Stories: Meet the Nannies Who Founded a Tech Startup

They identified a clear need in the market and launched their app

Alice Pritchard-Davies and Millie Zinner were childhood friends who launched Motherhood – an app which connects mothers in the neighborhood to help each other with child minding.

The Motherhood App provides a strong local support network and gives mothers the freedom and flexibility enjoy a yoga class, continue to run their business or pursue a new hobby, and even do their grocery shopping. All the while knowing their little ones are enjoying a playdate.

These women realized that the world of work has changed and the childcare options have not yet evolved to fit the changing needs. They identified a clear need in the market, mothers need help with child minding and need to earn additional income when they are on maternity leave.

Coming from non-tech backgrounds, the girls started building their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as a landing page in order to gauge the interest of the community. They were able to validate their idea and capture valuable data while still building their app. Follow their story through this interview with Christie Whitehill. 

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