[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Alexandra Stafferton

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[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Alexandra Stafferton


In an exclusive interview with Tech Ready Women's Program Lead, Crystal McGregor, we had the pleasure of delving into the transformative journey of Alexandra Stafferton, a recent participant in the TRW Female Founder Startup Program. With an unwavering passion for sustainability, Alexandra aims to bridge the gap in electric vehicle (EV) charging. In this article, we explore her innovative solution, the journey that led her here, and the significant impact of the TRW program on her entrepreneurial path.


The Birth of an Innovative Idea

Alexandra's journey began with an unrelenting commitment to sustainability and human rights. Her revelation came during an EV charging event last year when she witnessed the struggles and questions posed by EV owners. It was at this moment that she realised she could make a difference. Fuelled by a desire to contribute to this pivotal field, Alexandra's idea took root.


The Vision: Transforming EV Charging

Alexandra's solution revolves around a centralized hub, providing EV owners with an easy, real-time, and convenient charging experience. Her idea is currently in the validation phase, with extensive market research to understand the pain points and needs of EV owners, providers, and energy suppliers. Alexandra is determined to create a solution that addresses these challenges and streamlines the EV charging process.


The Power of Tech Ready Women's Female Founder Startup Program

Joining the TRW Female Founder Startup Program was a pivotal decision for Alexandra. She candidly shared that she initially had no idea where to begin her entrepreneurial journey. TRW provided her with a roadmap, a valuable network, unwavering support, and lifelong friendships. For Alexandra, these resources were precisely what she needed to kickstart her venture.


Overcoming Challenges as a Woman in Tech Entrepreneurship

Imposter syndrome is a hurdle that Alexandra faces daily, especially in male-dominated environments. She recently navigated a room full of businessmen on unfamiliar territory but emerged with newfound confidence. Her journey is a testament to the strength and determination of women in tech entrepreneurship.



A Community United in Purpose

Alexandra's journey perfectly encapsulates the essence of the TRW community, emphasising the importance of giving back, supporting one another, and continuing to grow. Alexandra aspires to remain an active part of the TRW community, offering guidance and friendship to fellow founders on their journey.


You can reach out to Alexandra via her LinkedIn!

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