[VIDEO BLOG] Celebrating the wins of our TRW Alumni - Leah Greengarten

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[VIDEO BLOG] Celebrating the wins of our TRW Alumni - Leah Greengarten


Our Program Lead, Crystal McGregor, recently caught up with TRW Alumni, Leah Greengarten from Our Travel Curator.


Our Travel Curator, curates once in a lifetime experiences. The business has now progressed into virtual reality travel.


The idea behind Our Travel Curator was born during COVID19. Leah was working in freelance video content for QANTAS, when COVID hit and all the work stopped. Leah was happy to paint, garden and potter for a while, but then, as borders started to open up she was looking to find accommodation and it was proving difficult. A post on Facebook sharing her dilemma, showed Leah that she wasn’t the only one facing this problem. That Facebook post launched the business. 


Before starting Our Travel Curator, Leah lived in the Australian outback, working in tour groups around Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon. She was also writing for the Daily Telegraph and QANTAS magazine. She successfully pitched an idea to QANTAS to focus on First Nations Peoples and getting their stories out. She has always loved storytelling, which links to the work she’s doing now in curating a story to sell a destination.


Leah shared the barriers she faced, before starting the TRW's Female Founders Startup program, including:


“I was not techy. Tech Ready Women made me way more techy. It also gave me the confidence to realize I am quite techy and pushed me in a way that I didn’t think was possible.”


Financials and commercial elements of business was something else that Leah wasn’t experienced in. 


Leah wasn’t aware of the support available to her. She shared her experience of being at the dog park and meeting a lady who shared information about the support of NSW Government and Sydney Startup Hub. Leah was surprised about how much the NSW Government was cheerleading her. 


🎉 Leah has recently partnered with Maserati, the luxury car company, she has partnered with Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and now curates their retreats. Excitingly, Leah has also been accepted into the latest Antler cohort. 


As an ASK to our Tech Ready Women community, Leah is looking for a technical cofounder.


She is also happy to cheerlead other female founders 🚀

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