[VIDEO BLOG] Celebrating the wins of our TRW Alumni - Nandeeta Maharaj

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[VIDEO BLOG] Celebrating the wins of our TRW Alumni - Nandeeta Maharaj


Nandeeta Maharaj kindly spent time with Tech Ready Women’s Program Lead, Crystal McGregor, talking about her social enterprise, Goods 4 Good.


Goods 4 Good is a platform for people who want to buy from companies that do good, connecting them with companies that are doing good.


Nandeeta created the idea when she was working in a social enterprise, where for every plate they sold, they donated a plate. With her role in marketing, Nandeeta got to experience the whole chain of events from seeing the sale of the plate in a restaurant, right through to the person eating the meal that was donated. She was so moved by the impact, she wanted more people to buy from social enterprises.


Nandeeta had the idea of creating a platform to connect people to the thousands of social enterprises in Australia, however she was challenged by it being ‘too hard a task’, believing that she lacked the tools to reach her goal.


The structured process provided by the Tech Ready Women's Female Founders Startup program gave Nandeeta the opportunity to step through testing her assumptions, define her customers and took her through to launching Goods 4 Good on 1 November 2021 🚀


Nandeeta recalled the excitement and shared how a conversation with TRW Founder, Christie Whitehill, gave her the confidence to make the first phone call with a potential customer. The customer was thrilled to be part of the platform. In the four months since then, Nandeeta has grown to 14 social enterprises, supporting homelessness, mental health and the environment.


Nandeeta is continuing to learn, refine her product and investigate new markets. She is creating an offering for corporates, that she would love feedback on, as well as connections and introductions into Australian corporates.


If anyone in the Tech Ready Community reading this BLOG can help Nandeeta with this ask, please feel free to contact her directly through www.goods4good.com.au

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