[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Stacey Edmonds

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[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Stacey Edmonds


In a recent conversation with Stacey Edmonds, the visionary founder of Dodgy or Not?, Crystal McGregor from Tech Ready Women delved into the fascinating world of online scams, cybercrime, and the innovative solution that Stacey's startup provides.


Championing a Worthy Cause

Stacey introduced Dodgy or Not? as a solution for everyone who frequents the internet, which essentially amounts to around 5.6 billion people globally. The platform tackles the pressing issue of scams and cybercrime, a problem that continues to escalate, causing massive financial losses – a staggering USD 3 trillion globally and AUD 3.1 billion in Australia alone last year. With the Federal Government establishing the Anti-Scam Task Force, the need for a solution was evident. Stacey emphasised that a staggering 85% of scams occur due to human error, making individuals unwittingly serve as the "human shield" for scammers.


Deepfake Threat on the Horizon

An alarming revelation by Stacey was that generative AI technology has empowered scammers to recreate individuals' voices and images, including their loved ones, in as little as 15 minutes. This technology is paving the way for a future where most scams could be deepfakes, manipulating voices and images to deceive victims. This frightening prospect led to the birth of Dodgy or Not? in 2017.


The Evolution of Dodgy or Not

What began as a game has now transformed into a powerful movement. Dodgy or Not? has become more than just a cybersecurity tool. It's a new way of thinking, rooted in critical thinking, focusing on teaching people how to think, not just what to think. The game blends the elements of cybersecurity awareness, the swipe mechanics of Tinder, the language learning approach of Duolingo, and the daily challenge of Wordle, all while keeping users engaged as they learn.


Tech Ready Women's Role in the Journey

Stacey Edmonds revealed how her journey with Tech Ready Women has been transformative. The program bolstered her confidence, opened doors to opportunities, and gave her venture credibility. With the guidance and mentorship from the program, Stacey was able to not only hone her leadership skills but also embark on a path to influence and shape the future of online safety.

In a mere eight weeks, Stacey has achieved remarkable milestones, from collaborating with renowned figures like Tracy Spicer to pitching her ideas to Ministers and corporate giants. Dodgy or Not?'s vision to create a safer online environment is gaining momentum, with the potential for wider adoption on a national scale.


Joining the Movement

As Stacey Edmonds and Dodgy or Not? continue their journey, they hope to gain more visibility, endorsement, and credibility. By connecting with those who share their passion for online safety, whether they are individuals or corporates, they aim to make their vision a reality. Together, they intend to create a netism of the future, a safer online space accessible to everyone, especially the vulnerable.

Tech Ready Women, with its unwavering support, has empowered Stacey and her mission to combat scams and cybercrime, proving that no question is too insignificant, and support is always instant. As Dodgy or Not's influence continues to grow, it serves as a testament to the power of mentorship, women supporting women, and the unstoppable drive of a female founder on a mission to protect the online world.


You can reach out to Stacey via her LinkedIn or website!

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