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Meet Our Members Rebecca Richardson

Chiora is an online hub for life and business coaches. According to The National Post, the coaching industry is the fastest growing industry, behind the tech industry. Yet with so many coaches offering their services, finding a reliable and trusted coach is not easy.

Chiora is a platform for coaches to find consistent leads and get advice to market their services. While offering those searching for coaches a trusted source to identify tried and tested mentors.

We took a moment, to sit down with Rebecca and ask about her journey on the Tech Ready Program.

Why is it so important for women to educate themselves in tech?

Because tech is the foundation of your business. Hiring a developer is a massive expense if you have no understanding of tech you can make costly mistakes. It’s like a surgeon not knowing how to use his tools, it’s just not going to work.

What have been your highlights from the program?

One of the highlights for me is being around like-minded women who support you on the journey, the team have been friendly and down to earth, giving you valuable feedback to your idea.

Women have such amazing ideas but there’s nowhere really to go bring them to life. Tech Ready Women enables you to do that in an amazingly supportive and caring environment.

How did you hear about the Tech Ready Program?

I spent $50,000 on 3 business ideas which I couldn’t get off the ground, and I didn’t want to make the fourth mistake so when I went to see Christie at an event I was blown away, I thought this is the program I need to bring my business idea to the next level.


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