Tech Startup Success Stories-Meet the female founder Lauren Silvers

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Tech Ready Startup Stories: Meet the Female Founder Who Has Exclusive Access to Salon Diaries

In this exclusive interview, Christie sits down with Lauren Silvers, founder of the Glamazon app to talk all things beauty and tech.

It was just another day at work and Lauren was desperately trying to land a salon appointment, so she could show up polished for her event that night.

Finally, she found a salon with an open booking and jumped in an Uber to get to her appointment. What if I could see all the salons that had available appointments in my area, just how Uber does for rides? Boom! Ah-ha moment! That was the very thought that launched her business.

Glamazon is a real-time marketplace for beauty appointments. You have the option to book a salon appointment or be pampered in your very own home. Simply select the service you like, pay for the appointment and let the pampering begin!

How does Lauren have access to all the available salon appointments?

Glamazon’s app technology is integrated with salon software systems, meaning she has exclusive access to salon diaries resulting in a real-time experience. The technology behind the product automates everything.

Although it sounds like a breeze, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Lauren.

She spent a lot of time manually collecting data, calling customers to ask for feedback and even visiting salons to view her target market in action. Lauren tested her market and achieved product to market fit before creating the first version of her product. Investing the time in conducting user research, helped her to build a better quality product yet she still ended up building a lot of features, which no one used.

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