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Sydney Startup Hub and Tech Ready Women: Working Together To Power the Female Founder Ecosystem in NSW


The support of Sydney Startup Hub (SSH) and Investment NSW for Tech Ready Women’s (TRW’s) 2021 Female Founder Startup Program is a great example of how an ecosystem of collaborations leads to shared impact.  

TRW designed the Female Founders Startup Program to empower women to become founders and forge successful startup journeys. 

In this blog, we’d love to share with you how the SSH, our main supporter, has played a critical role in the design.

In this interview between Priyanka Ashraf, Tech Ready Women Entrepreneur in Residence, and Michelle Long, Associate Director of Sydney Startup Hub, we get a look into the insights around the NSW startup ecosystem and the actions that SSH is taking to power the growth of female founders and regional startups' ecosystem in NSW.

1) What were the main aspirations for Sydney Startup Hub to bring to life the Female Founders startup program?

The main reason we wanted to sponsor the TRW program and be involved, is because during COVID-19, it became really obvious that there were some barriers to success of female founders. So we wanted to provide access to capital, networks and education, and I think the TRW program really allows those connections to happen a little quicker and easier than without a pre-accelerator program like it.


2) From your point of view, do you think there's enough female representation in the NSW startup ecosystem?

Unfortunately not, and that is one of our key aspirations. We want to help female founders grow their businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want to get more good news stories out there, so that we can encourage other women to look at starting a business to help benefit themselves and their families.


3) What is your impression about the startup ecosystem in regional areas of NSW?

Some regional areas are doing exceptionally well. On the other side, our Metro entrepreneurs were hit harder during COVID-19. I'm hearing a lot more good news stories from NSW regional entrepreneurs, and this is why I think they're probably being hit less hard than the Metro’s in the last 12 months or so.

We have a huge focus on regional entrepreneurs. We've got an 8-week free virtual startup program on offer to any regional NSW entrepreneur and within this space, I expect there to be a lot more programming available and a lot more joint relationships with those regional NSW Hubs in the next financial year and years to follow.


4) What are the benefits for founders if they are to apply for the Female Founders Startup program?

The networks and education. After having brief conversations with Christie - Founder of Tech Ready Women, around the first cohort, a lot of the women are asking to have more face to face interactions and this is about the networking opportunity. A lot of women, who do have their own businesses, can experience a lonely journey. The education piece is critical to ensure they're learning new skills to set them up for a more successful and fast growing business.


5) Is there anything you would like to say to those who are interested in applying to the next July intake of the Female Founders Startup program?

Sorry Nike, I'm going to rip off your tagline, but: JUST DO IT. 

Give it a red hot crack. 

If you are a passionate woman who has a tech-based or a fast growing startup, please give it a go. I could not highly recommend this program more.

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