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Why the Tech Ready Program mentors are passionate about helping women in tech

Our global mission is to provide women with tech and business education, access to world-class mentors, connections to startup communities and enable them to create the businesses of tomorrow.

We are thrilled to have an incredible line up of mentors who share our passion to bridge the gender diversity gap in technology.

Our incredible mentors tell us why they decided to join the Tech Ready Program:

Lynda Coker

Director, Create Cultivate

I love supporting female founders and the Tech Ready Program was recommended to me from a connection and mentor on the first cohort.  I also have been a mentor for Django Girls and am an active connector for Heads Over Heels.

Christina Chun

Founder, CEO 1Scope

It’s difficult being a non-tech female founder (both because of the non-tech, and because of the female component) and I commend the participants for being brave enough to pursue their passion. I’ve had a few mentors who have really paved the way for me – and I hope to do the same.

Ben Reid

Founder, TEMPL TV

I believe in the spirit of paying it forward and want to see way more women entrepreneurs kicking butt in the startup ecosystem!

Ben Cochrane

Product Manager and Technical Founder, Learnt

I believe in ensuring that talent gets rewarded regardless of religion, race or gender. There is too much unrealized and unrecognized talent not being promoted right now and being a part of this program helps to provide a fairer playing field. I also love teaching and giving back and understand what it’s like to start a business without too much external support and mentorship.

James Cameron

Partner, Airtree Ventures

I’m passionate about supporting entrepreneurship at the earliest level. As a VC some of the best founders I’ve ever backed came from non-traditional ‘tech’ backgrounds and I would love to support more.  

Albert Mai

Growth Hacker, Glam Corner

To show my support for female entrepreneurs by sharing my technology knowledge and experience in order to help them build successful tech startups. My big family is predominantly female where my grandma, my mum, my aunties and niece are all running businesses of their own and this had a huge influence on my personal and professional development growing up. This has ingrained in me that women can run great business as well – or even better than men! Hence, I’ve always been a huge supporter of women in business and tech.

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