[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Alison Williams

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[VIDEO BLOG] TRW Alumni Interview - Alison Williams


At Tech Ready Women, we take immense pride in our mission to empower female founders who are ready to make their mark in the tech world. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Alison Williams, a participant of the 2023 August cohort of the TRW Female Founder Startup Program and the founder of Tummily, a promising startup with a unique vision. Let's delve into our conversation with Alison to discover her journey and the incredible potential behind her venture.


Revolutionizing Dietary Management

Alison, the brain behind Tummily, aims to tackle a pervasive issue in Australia – digestive challenges. Over half of Australians experience these challenges at some point in their lives. Typically, individuals seek guidance from dietitians or medical professionals, who often recommend diet modifications. However, this approach can be daunting and costly, especially when it comes to crafting customised meal plans to match dietary restrictions. This is where Tummily comes to the rescue. It's an app designed to help people with dietary restrictions eat well and manage their symptoms efficiently. Additionally, Tummily offers an integrated platform for dietitians to create personalised meal plans and gain insights into their clients' clinical profiles.


A Personal Journey of Inspiration

Alison's inspiration for Tummily stemmed from personal experience. Her partner's struggles with IBS and the complexities of the low FODMAP diet ignited the idea for this innovative solution. Alison wanted to transform the PDF food lists into delicious, healthy weeknight meals without the hassle. Thus, Tummilly was born, with the mission to simplify the process of eating well for those with dietary restrictions.


Nurturing Female Founders: TRW Female Founder Startup Program

Joining Tech Ready Women's Female Founder Startup Program was a pivotal moment for Alison and Tummily. The program equipped her with vital knowledge and skills, filling the gaps in her entrepreneurial journey. With a background in graphic design and a great idea, Alison had difficulty articulating her vision and refining her business concept. However, through the program, she learned how to communicate her vision effectively and began to see her business in a new light.

The program also helped Alison tackle one of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship – customer interviews. By conducting extensive interviews with potential users and dietitians, she gathered valuable insights to develop a product that meets their needs. The guidance and mentorship from Tech Ready Women's program leaders, including Crystal McGregor and Christie Whitehill, played a significant role in shaping Tummily's success.

The program's impact on Tummily has been profound, and Alison's biggest win was her ability to confidently articulate her business vision and engage with industry professionals. This newfound ability to communicate her vision has led to exciting partnerships and opportunities. Her journey in Tech Ready Women has been transformational, propelling her startup business to new heights.


Tummily's Vision for the Future

What's next for Tummily? The journey continues with a focus on conducting more user and customer interviews, refining the product, and seeking product-market fit. Tummily's future is filled with possibilities, and the sky is the limit.

Alison Williams and Tummily are a testament to the incredible potential and possibilities that female founders can achieve with the right support, guidance, and determination. We're excited to witness the growth and success of Tummily and can't wait to see what the future holds for this innovative startup.


You can reach out to Alison via her LinkedIn or website!

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