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Meet the Former Atlassian Product Manager Who Turned her “Hobby to Hustle”

Meet Helen, she’s a former Atlassian Product Manager and the founder of Lime Tree Bower, a floral design and event styling studio. She’s also a creative at heart, tech lover, dreamer, sports addict and creator of the EdTech course “Hobby to Hustle.”

As a child, Helen had a life-long creative addiction where she religiously watched Art Attack on TV. This passion for art, craft and design inspired her, to create multiple craft projects. After nearly heading down the path to study fashion design, she instead chose business and foreign languages. While spending a year in Paris during 2009 for a study exchange, she reignited her artistic passions and stepped into her entrepreneurial spirit.

Like Helen, we are all diverse and have many layers to discover. She kept following her passions and this they led her to the tech space. The world of product management taught her the importance of understanding the customer journey and getting clear on the target persona. She also learned that being an entrepreneur is about progress over perfection.

“Your product is never going to be perfectly ready to launch. You just need to iterate constantly even after your product is on the market.”

Her top three tips for entrepreneurs who are looking to go from hobby to hustle are:

  1. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles I hear. Don’t let fear get in the way of just starting. Just start!
  2. Don’t feel like you need to get it right from day one. You’ll learn as you make progress, and make mistakes.
  3. When you’re just starting out, don’t spend a fortune getting a website set up or hiring developers – there are many ways you can build an MVP that’s easy and affordable!

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